• 46" Long, light weight yet strong and durable.
  • New deeper Stainless Steel Shaft tip 
  • Stainless Steel on all Metal materials.
  • Pressure-treated wood for extra durability and waterproof.
  • Blue Camo EVA grip for a comforatble grip
  • Unique screw-like tip to secure your catch
  • Unsinkable, it floats.


The Proyaker Spear Gaff or also called Kage Spear, is one of the most valuable tools you can have in your kayak. Gaffing your catch a lot easier than the conventional hook type gaffs. No need to aim for the right spot, just one solid strike down, and the fish is in the bag! 46" long, the perfect size to store and have it ready next to you. Light design, yet very strong and durable, featuring stainless steel on all metal parts. The wood handle is also treated for extra water proof protection. The EVA grip offers you a rock solid grip. The Proyaker Gaff Spear, weights just 2lbs and it floats!

PROYAKER Kayak Fishing Spear Gaff, Kage Hawaiian Kill Spear Tournament Series