Made to last! The PROYAKER Icy Catch Bag combines the strength, longevity and durability of Tarpaulin polyethylene, with a layer of closed-cell foam insulation. The top and bottom EVA insulation layers is what makes our kayak fishing cooler bag design, the best in the industry. The sides insulation are made with a flexible closed-cell foam, allowing the bag to lay flat on top of the kayak and expanding only as it gets full.  The front zippered storage pocket is big enough to carry 2 large tackle boxes, your lunch or a raincoat and more. We've also included a paddle pocket on the front lower part of the bag, allowing paddle anglers to secure their paddle while fighting and landing fish. Included are 10 D-rings, 5 on each side to secure your bag from any angle on your kayak or boat. 

The Proyaker Icy Catch Bags are fully welded and 100% water/air tight. Keep in mind that water may leak from the top if it's not closed/rolled in properly.


  • Keeps your catch fresh on ice for 48hrs+ under the sun.
  • 10 D Rings: 5 on each side.
  • Front Zippered Water Resistant Storage and Paddle/Utility Pocket.
  • Twist-in Drain Plug for easy washing and cleaning.
  • Padded shoulder strap.
  • Super strong Tearproof, Tarpaulin TPU material IN and OUT.
  • Once closed is 100% water and air tight.

PROYAKER ICY Catch Bag, Closed Cell Foam Insulated Kayak Fish Bag Cooler