• Set of 2 leashes with swivels on each end to prevent tangles
• Easy double side velcro strap, attaches to fishing rods and paddles with ease
• Injection-molded plastic quick release buckle and swivels
• Inner Stainless Steel Core, guarantees to never lose it's spring form
• Coil extends up to 6' without losing it's form

PROYAKER Rod / Paddle Leash (Set of 2)

  • Unique inner stainless steel coil combined with the blue UV protected exterior poly vinyl liner, plus double reinforced poly-carbonate swivels on each side, is what makes the Proyaker leash the best in the industry. Designed by kayak fishermen, the leash is guaranteed to never lose it's spring form. At just 2 feet in its retracted state, this 6' fully expanded leash gives you enough space to fight any fish or comfortably move the rod or paddle around your vessel. Whether you are fishing from a kayak or a boat, you can be sure that the Proyaker leash will keep your rods and paddle secured at all times. Proyaker ocean tough kayak fishing accessories.